Wieners in the air

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After a two hour car ride to the airport, got my butt pet by the TSA agents, and an 8 hour plane ride, I finally made it to Frankfurt!

In the car on my way to the airport, I took a little nappy because mom and dad pooped me out on a long walk. I hate walks so I knew something was up.



Once we got to the airport, I got all my bags checked and rolled around in my sweet bag until the plane arrived. Everyone was cracking up at the sight of a dog in a rolling bag. So many people stopped us so they could take a picture of me! Even the airport check in guy loved me so much he asked to take my picture!


(You can find this paw-some bag here)

It was finally time to board and the nice people at Lufthansa even let me board early! I made a new friend named Jason who sat with us and was so nice. He told me he loves dachshunds and even took pics of me to show his friends!


When we finally got on, I started getting super anxious and nervous so mom sprayed some calming spray. After waiting about 20 minutes on the runway to take off, our turn finally came and I did NOT like the take off. I cried and cried and tried to jump up to mom. She caved and picked me up. After pacing around in moms lap after a few minutes, she put me back in my carrier. I don’t know if it was the drone of the plane, the calming spray, or the long walks, or all of the above, I was OUT cold!

image2 (2)


8 hours and a sunrise later, we finally arrived in Frankfurt! I slept during the entire flight! I popped my head up every once in a while but put myself right back down to sleep. Mom and dad were SO happy! Once the plane finally landed, I popped my head up to see what all the bumping was about.


“Come on ma, can you tell these people to go faster? I got some peeing to do!”

After another 2 hours at the airport getting our bags and trying to get our car, we were FINALLY on our way to the hotel. Mommy was nice enough and packed my carseat and blankey in her luggage. I get very carsick and this carseat is the sole reason why I love car rides again! I must have been really tired because I went right back to sleep during the ride.


When we finally made it to the hotel, after a long 12 hours, I finally got to go to the potty! Mom packed wee wee pads for me to go on them but I refused them. Grass only please! The hotel will be our home for the next 30 days but we are hoping to find a place sooner. I like it though! I love going under the bed and putting all my stuff under there. I’m calling it the Frank Cave. There’s also a perfect little sun corner where I can keep my eyes on everyone. Mom even put my rug and blankies there!



All in all, my travel over to Germany was MUCH better than anyone could have predicted. Mom and dad had zero faith in me so I guess I showed them! I’m now ready for my new adventures, hope you are too!

6 thoughts on “Wieners in the air

  1. Yay Frank!! So glad you & your family made it safely. And my doxie, Jasper, & I look forward to reading about all of your adventures in Germany!


  2. So sweet! Our mini has to go as cargo when we move to London in June (silly, silly UK rules!) and I’m very nervous about it. We hired a top notch company to make sure our baby has as good of an experience as possible, but I can’t wait for it to just be over. You’ll love Germany Frank (and family). We lived in Bonn for 4 years and had many wonderful times there and exploring all over the country!


    1. Ah yes the UK is very strict with their dog regulations! You can do some research on the best airliners for the pooches. We flew Lufthansa and loved it. I can understand the stress. Frank flying was my biggest stressor for the entire move and I am SO happy it is over and it went well! So far we are loving what Germany has to offer. Just gotta start learning the language!


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