Frank Goes to Cologne

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We’ve officially been here in Germany for two weeks and finally decided to take a trip somewhere. We decided to go somewhere close by so we were off to Cologne, Germany which was about two hours away. Good thing i’m a pretty easy traveler in the car! Mom kept trying to get me to look at the beautiful scenery but hey, when a dog wants to nap, a dog wants to nap!





When we got to the area, there was some major traffic trying to get into town. Traffic always wakes me up! That’s okay though. Mom rolled down the window and let me people watch and smell everything. My favorite!




When we were in traffic on the bridge, crazy mom jumped out of the car to snap some pictures. Then she came back and went all paparazzi on me.




Finally after a grueling 30 minutes in bumper to bumper traffic, I was able to get out, stretch my legs, and sniff everything!




You think that guy knows who I am?

We trotted around a little and finally found the big church. And when I say big, I mean BIG! I would say it was equivalent to at least 100,000,000 weenies tall! There were A LOT of humans there so daddy-o carried me around whenever it got really crowded. Thanks pops!





After scoping out the cathedral, we trotted off to check out the Hohenzollern Bridge. Pops was a champ for carrying me around the crowds and the steps again. I felt like Aladdin on the magic carpet! Weeee!




The Hohenzollern Bridge is the love lock bridge of Cologne. Another bridge, another time I don’t have anyone to share a love lock with. Maybe I need to sign up for E-Pawmany.



By this point, we were all pooped out and ready for some beers and brats! During our way, we stumbled upon some fun things. We found a lady who did street art with her HANDS! Can you believe she did that with her hands?! We also ran into a cool street band. Anyone know what that giant guitar looking thing is?!






mmmmm wiener schnitzels… WAIT A MINUTE.


WAITER! What’s in a WIENER schnitzel?!

The food came and mom and dad didn’t want me to see them eating the bratwursts and wiener schnitzels. I guess it’s for my own good. I was tired anyway so I decided to just get some rest before we had to hike back to the car. Mom carries around this mat for me in her bag so I have somewhere to lay whenever we go out to eat. I’m very picky about where I place my princess tush.


image1 (7)

We finally made it back to the car and I napped the whole way home. And when we got home? Napped til dinner time, ate, then went back to sleep. My stumps are exhausted! Until next time friends, I’ve got some more sleeping to do!


*No wieners were harmed in the making of wiener schnitzels and bratwursts. And no wieners consumed any alcoholic beverages!

4 thoughts on “Frank Goes to Cologne

  1. Oh Frank, Jasper & I love reading about all of your fun adventures in the motherland! We hope you continue to love living there.
    *PS – we like the pic of you & the big church the best! 🙂


  2. Just caught up on your German adventures, Frank. Glad to see you adjusting so well!! Keats asked if she could board the next plane to Germany so you two could visit the love lock bridge together. We’re sorry we didn’t get to meet you but love seeing your travels! Can’t wait to see what you are up to next!


    1. Keats is welcome over here anytime! It would be nice to actually have someone to share a lock with!! We’ll catch ya back in the concrete jungle before you know it! 🙂


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