Frank Goes to Munich

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Did you know that Munich is also know as München? Talk about confusing a pooch! From Frankfurt to Munich, it is about a 4 hour drive. Four uninterrupted hours of sleep? YES PLEASE!


After getting settled into our hotel, we were ready to venture out. We were super close to the train station so we opted to use that instead. I’m a ween of all sorts of transportation!


How am I supposed to jump from here to the train?


Ah never mind, here it is!


My own seat!


But pop’s lap is always more comfy 😉

After a super quick 8 minutes, we had arrived in the heart of Munich, Marienplatz! That’s where we stumbled in to the Rathaus. I didn’t really understand. I thought it was a house of rats.


I don’t know how I feel about a house full of rats…


We started to make our way to the English Garden. I heard it was bigger than Central Park in NYC so I had to see it! There were some really pretty spots along the way.





We finally made our way into the English Garden and was greeted with lots of grass and water! There were a lot of really cool streams that people were swimming and surfing in. It looked fun but you know I was NOT getting in the water. Water = Bath. Bath = Devil.




You’re not expecting me to go in are you pops?


If I close my eyes, you can’t see me!





After walking around for quite some time, we knew we hadn’t covered much ground. My little stumps don’t walk very far or fast. Sorry mom and pops! We found a nice man who was going to take us around on his bike. He was super nice and gave us a lot of great info! Did you know that during the 1972 Olympics in Munich they had a dachshund as a mascot? His name was Waldi and he was modeled after Cherie von Birkenhof, a long haired ween!



We stumbled into a furry ween named Max who decided to be our road block. He was your typical doxie that was rebellious and didn’t listen to his humans commands. They’ll never understand that we just like to do our own thing sometimes 😉




My “I can’t believe you wanted me to walk all this” face



My new buddy! Thanks for the lift!


After our tour, we got dropped off at the Chinese Biergarten and Tower. The size of the pretzels were unbelievable!


Hey lady! You see the size of this thing?!


Okay mom, get your picture so I can eat this thing!


Okay now where do I even start….

After over indulging in beers and giant pretzels, we decided to head back because it started to storm. We all know I do NOT do well in the rain. The rain didn’t seem to want to go away so we opted to stay in the rest of the night and relax til the next morning.

We knew we wanted to stop at the Hofbräuhaus early in the morning to avoid all of the crowds. I’m not a morning person so mom had to bribe me with some eggs she smuggled back from breakfast to get me up and moving. The Hofbräuhaus is really cool and has a lot of interesting history. A lot of people have hung out here like Mozart, Lenin, Hitler, and now ME! The Nazi Party actually used the Hofbräuhaus to hold functions and assemblies and is also where Hitler declared the 25 thesis of the National Socialist party back in 1920. He even painted a picture of The Hofbräuhaus.







I guess I’m too early for Yappy Hour.




Okay waiter, I asked for a beer, not a tower!





Post Yappy Hour face

Once the crowds started to come in, we knew it was time to go. Low riders don’t do well in large crowds of people. It’s like we become little ants that are prone to get stepped on! We hopped on another train and headed off to Nymphenburg Palace. The palace is the main summer residence of the former rulers of Bavaria. This place was super duper big. Can you imagine how many weens could fit here? Wiener party! There was so much grass and open space. We found a nice cozy bench in the shade and rested there for quite a bit. You know I took that as an opportunity to nap!






We decided to head back to the hotel for a bit to rest because we knew we wanted to head back out again for dinner. After a few hours of nap time. We headed back out for dinner! We went to a yummy place and while we were waiting in line to get in, the man at the door was kind enough to bring me a bowl of water. I love how much Germans love their animals!


After dinner, we headed back to the Rathaus. Or house of rats? I’m not sure. It was even prettier at night! Also better because it was MUCH less crowded! I had to wear my sweater because it became very cold. Everyone passing by got a kick out of it. What? You’ve never seen a wiener in a sweater before? (And for those of you who have been asking, you can find the sweater here)



We hung around for a bit and watched some neat street performers until it started to get really windy and chilly. Once I start to shiver, mom always makes sure I get somewhere warm. Thanks ma! I was really tired at this point and ready to go to bed. After taking the train so much, I knew my way around and trotted to the train as fast as I could. All I could think about was BED!





Okay folks, this is me closing the door and saying goodbye! Until my next adventure, friends!

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