Frank is going to be…

baby, brother, dachshund, dog, fall announcement, pregnancy, pregnancy announcement

A BIG BROTHER! Mom and pops tell me a baby human will be coming some time in April but I’m still not quite sure what that means. I told them as long as I still get all my cuddles, don’t have to change diapers, and it doesn’t touch my toys then we won’t have any problems. Speaking of toys… don’t baby humans come with toys too? JACKPOT! More toys! I’m sure we will battle a few times for Mom’s attention but who knows, maybe we’ll become the best of friends! I guess we will just have to wait and see! Until then, I gotta find me some baby humans to practice with!


3 thoughts on “Frank is going to be…

  1. Frank, you’ll make an awesome Big Brother! Please pass my congratulations on to your Mom & Dad!
    Oh, and Frank…you’re my favourite traveling wiener EVER!
    Dale the Doxie Lover


      1. Haha! Would love to see some photos of you in baby clothes! You rock those jackets!
        P.S. Love the ‘pumpkin’ announcement!


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