Frank Goes to Brussels

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When I first found out that we were going to Brussels, I was convinced that we were going to the land of brussels sprouts. (ICK!) Then I realized it was Brussels, Belgium. Belgium! The magical land of WAFFLES! Or should I say, woofles!

From Germany, Brussels is about a 3 and a half hour drive. No biggie. Paris was 5 so this should be a piece of cake. Mom did the usual and piled up my blankets and bed to ensure maximum comfort. I also had a backseat buddy this time as my Aunt Dani is in town! YIPPIE! (Boy did I miss her! If you missed our reunion, you can find the video here)



(Insert Spongebob’s “3 hours later” timecard voice)


I was so eager to get out of the car and sniff my way to the woofles. During my trot over, I found so many cool and beautiful places along the way! Did you know that The Smurfs originated in Belgium? No? Me neither!




Must find woofles.. must find woofles..

During my quest for woofles, I stumbled into the Grand Place and I must say… it is QUITE grand! Everything about it was so magnificent!




Then it hit me. That sweet sweet magical scent of heaven. WOOFLES! I know they’re around here! We trotted down a little alley and followed the scent to this tiny little shop that sold them for a whopping 1 Euro!  Once I got my woofle, I couldn’t sit down fast enough to eat it. Mom of course had to make me take pics before I could eat it. Moooooom!




Post woofle face

Once I finally got a taste, it was SO worth the wait! It was ooey, and chewy, and had this amazing sweet glaze. I’ll never be able to look at Eggo’s the same. I begged mom for another but she objected. Once I finally completed my mission, I was ready to venture out and really explore.


Cathedral of St. Michael and St. Gudula


House of Parliament


The Royal Palace


Mont des Arts


Photobombing mom and dad. TEEHEE


After a long day of trotting around, we decided to head back. I tried flying with my ears but that didn’t seem to work. Once we got back, we all voted to take a nap before dinner. I never object to a nap. Two hours later, we were off again to see the beautiful Brussels at night!


We found ourselves in what seemed to be the seafood district. Everyone was eating their mussles in Brussels! When we sat down, the server was kind enough to bring me a giant bucket of water. Giggle. Thanks man! A few pints of delicious Belgium beer later, we were off again.




We somehow found our way back to the Grand Place area. It is even more beautiful at night time! We were getting ready to head back to the hotel when it suddenly hit me. That sweet scent of WOOFLES! Obvi had to get one for the trot back! This time, I added 3 of my favorite things: strawberries, vanilla ice cream, and whipped cream! YUM!


The next day we only planned to hang for a little and then head back to Germany. Since it is about a 3 and a half hour drive, we didn’t wanna stay too late. There were a few things that we knew we wanted to see. First, Manneken Pis! I guess we both have two things in common. We both don’t wear pants and have no shame peeing in public. I’ve decided that he should be my next best friend.



After Manneken Pis, we just wandered around a bit. There were so many cool things that just seemed to pop up! I clearly couldn’t figure my way out of the maze.





We eventually made our way to Delirium Cafe. If you don’t know about this place, I’d sure look it up! It is rated as the number 4 thing to do in Brussels. This place has more than 2000 beers! If you happen to go while they have the cactus one, do it! You won’t be disappointed! When pops asked if I was allowed in, the bartenders response was “We let kids in, I don’t see why dogs can’t come.” WIN! One more bonus point for you, Delirium!







After a quick power nap, we headed off to get some lunch before our trip back to Germany. While in Belgium, you eat waffles. LOTS of waffles. I had my usual with strawberries, ice cream, and whipped cream! DEEEEELICIOUS! No dogs were allowed on the tables so I had to keep bugging mom for more.





On our walk back to the car, we stopped to listen to an amazing street performer. I needed some time to digest my woofles before sitting for 3 hours anyway!



It’s been real Brussels. You’ve impressed me with your beer and woofles. Sadly I missed out on the chocolate but mom said it was out of this world. Until next time my friends! Love, peace, and frito feet!